Coehoorn Classic Open Boat

Our Coehoorn Classic Open Boat is a true classic Dutch boat. It’s rebuild after 400 years old dutch design. This kind of ship is one of the oldest models found in the history of the Netherlands in history and was rebuild in 2004. This boat is driven by an electric engine in the rudder.

The Coehoorn cruise will mainly show the canal belt scenery build between 1600 and 1700 (The Golden Age) and possible Amstel river and a bit more. It will give a beautiful perspective of Amsterdam scenery seen from the canals. This ship can fit low bridges and can fit narrow passages. This way this cruise can be more adventures then the big boats on the canals.

You will be live guided by the captain and feel free to ask any question you have. he will inform you about history and have knowledge about Amsterdam’s recent developments. The captains like to engage with our guests! In that way they can tailor our commentary to your personal interests!

This cruise take 60 minutes, it takes you to places where most others don’t go. And there’s is no rush because we operate in 75 minute timeframes. So time to relax and fully enjoy your cruise. Please note that this is the only small boat cruises which uses a classic open Amsterdam boat. max 20 guests

Take this cruise if you would like to get quick introduction of the westside of Amsterdam centre / The Golden Age scenery. In high season we advise morning or evening cruises. Then it’s less busy on the canals. Check our sunrise and sunset times here. It can be nice to book your cruise around sunset.

Be sure to bring a extra layer of clothes and a jacket, maybe a bit of rain protection. Just in case! We do provide blankets, umbrella’s or can hide under a bridge if needed 🙂

This cruise is a unique for these reasons:

  • We operate a full wooden rebuild Amsterdam Classic Open boat
  • We operate small numbers. Max 20 guests on board. You can walk around.
  • We do 60 minute cruises in 75 minute timeframes
  • We don’t need a minimum number of guests to go out. You can get lucky and have a Private cruise for the price of a Shared
  • For €25 you get a live guided cruise where it’s no problem to bring your own drinks and bites

If you want to book the Coehoorn Classic Open Boat for a private cruise then please fill in the Bookingform.

If you prefer a longer cruise which covers more of the city. Then the 90 minutes Leemstar 1928 Saloon Launch Boat cruise can be an option for you.

See below the availability of the Shared cruises on the Coehoorn Classic Open Boat:

Time slot or date not available? Please click here to send us a message.

If you send us a message, we can always discuss availability. You can also try one of our other boats.

Time slot or date not available? Please click here to send us a message.

If you send us a message, we can always discuss availability. You can also try one of our other boats.


Our departure location is in between Leidseplein and Vondelpark. The departure dock at the water in front of the house at Leidsekade 99.

Click on the picture to find your way using Google Maps!