We have several types of cruises for you to enjoy Amsterdam from the water. These can take place on one of the 4 boats we have.

Some of our Amsterdam canal (covered boat) cruisers carry historical value others are modern (open boat) and fit in the local scenery of today. They all have an almost electric engine. Floating Tesla’s!

The maximum of guests on our boats vary between 8 to 20 guests. So it’s a very intimate setting all live guided by the captain.

If your group is bigger then you can contact me for the other options I have.

Please keep in mind that all our cruises are live guided in English by the captain.

Book a shared cruise

The shared cruise

This is the 90 minute cruise where you join other people on one of our typical modern (open) or classic (covered) Amsterdam canal cruisers. Depending on weather and availability.

The price for a shared cruise is starts at €25,- or €49,- per guest. You can upgrade your cruise with drinks and bites if wished for. But it’s also no problem to bring your own. As long as you keep in mind sharing is caring.

Book a private cruise

Private cruises

The other option is to do a “Private cruise“.

It’s the same setup as a shared cruise but then no others are joining. These cruises take place on boat types.

Prices €225,- and up for 60 minutes! The final price depends on the amount of people you bring on the boat and the time you want to cruise. So please contact us for an exact offer.

One hour private is possible, but we do recommend at least 90 minutes for an enjoyable cruise without any rush.

Same upgrades for food & beverages apply as for the Shared cruises.

Book a special cruise

Special occasions

Lovebirds cruise

If you’re a Lovebird this is the way to go. Have a look at our “1921 Amsterdam Saloon Launch Boat Starlet.” or the Modern Open Amsterdam Boat.

Enjoy classic Saloonboat cruise for 90 minutes for the special price of €285,- (2 Lovebirds) to celebrate your love for each other.

Proposal cruise

Willing to take the next step in a appropriate way?

Then book the Proposal cruise! You will get the Starlet Saloonboat or Modern Open Amsterdam Boat for 90 minutes. A bottle of Prosecco (upgrade to champagne possible), background music and a photographing captain to capture the moment. The captain will guide you within 30 minutes to the perfect spot where you can enjoy this special moment. Then the cruise will continue for about an hour while you’re enjoying your drinks & scenery!

Price for all this €399,- all inclusive.

Design your own cruise. Tailor made!

Please call me directly on +316 166 166 90 so we can make it happen! Or Click here to go to the bookings page!