Leemstar Amsterdam provides in private & small group canal cruises. We use authentic canal boats originally build until 1930 and modern open boats.

If you want to avoid the crowded boats, spend more time on the Amsterdam canals and you are looking for a more personal guided canal cruise private or with a small group? Come and book a tour with Leemstar! 

Leemstar Amsterdam Canal Cruises has several boats which can serve any cruise and occasion! Some of our Amsterdam canal (covered boat) cruisers carry historical value others are modern (open boat) and fit in the local scenery of today. They all have an almost electric engine. Floating Tesla’s!

Salonboot Amsterdam

Leemstar 1928 Saloonboat


Leemstar Cruises: For authentic, exclusive and more enjoyable canal cruises

– Leemstar provides a personalised service on beautiful vessels together with live commentary from the captain. This gives you a great introduction to Amsterdam.

– During a Leemstar cruise, you will see more than just the Amsterdam city centre canals. The cruises will show you the classic and more modern parts of Amsterdam.

Leemstar uses small typical Amsterdam (historical) boats. The Leemstar Saloonboat can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests, the beautiful classic Starlet (1921)  accommodating up to 8 guests or our more modern Open Boat (with rain cover) for up to 10 guests.

All the drivers are local and they know the city intimately. They will guide you through the city canals and neighbourhoods explaining the history, culture and life in  Amsterdam these days. The small and intimate nature of our voyages means that our captains are happy to engage, inform and entertain. Ask any question you like!     On or of topic :) Tailor your cruise and get all the answers on the questions you developed while discovering the city of Amsterdam!

Chilled drinks and bites are available on board. You can include these during the bookingproces (or go for this option on board) to have the drinks & bites     included. No problem if you bring your own bites (keep in mind sharing is caring).

Shared Open Boat and 1920’s Saloon Launch Boat cruises start at €50. And 60 minutes Private cruises (any boat) start at €225,-

If you’re not one to be part of a big crowded boat and you want to enjoy the Amsterdam canals in a small or private comfortable setting. Then book with us and look at our cruisesFeel free to contact us by filling in the booking form or give us a call on +316 166 166 90. Whatsapp or text message also no problem.

Please note that commentary on all cruises is live and in English.
The maximum of guests on our boats vary between 8 to 12 guests. So it’s a very intimate setting all live guided by the captain.
If your group is bigger then you can contact me for the other options I have.


More information about our Shared and Private cruises. Please click here for more information & prices.


Our Cruises

Leemstar Shared 90 minutes live guided cruise

Leemstar started with the “Shared 90 minutes live guided Leemstar cruise

Schermafbeelding 2019-02-02 om 11.14.09

This is the 90 minute cruise where you join other people on one of our typical modern (open) or classic (covered) Amsterdam canal cruisers. These cruises take place on the 1928 Amsterdam Saloon launch boat or the Modern Open Amsterdam Boat. Depending on weather and availability.

The price for a shared cruise is 1920’s Saloon Launch boat or Open Boat is €50,-  per guest.You can upgrade your cruise with drinks and bites if wished for. But it’s also no problem to bring your own. As long as you keep in mind sharing is caring.

Premium quality Prosecco, Drinks (Beer, Wine, Water, Softdrinks), Bites (Cheese, Sausage, Crackers, Grapes) can be added to your cruise if wished for during your booking. Please order this while your filling in the bookingform. Thank you.

1928 Saloon launch boat. Max 12 passengers.

Privare boat tour
Leemstar Saloon Launch Boat. Max 12 passengers.

A shared 90 minutes live guided 1928 Saloon launch boat cruise is €50,- per guest.

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Leemstar Open Boat. Max 10 passengers.

Private small group open boat
Leemstar open boat

A shared 90 minutes live guided Open boat cruise is €50,- per guest.  

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All boats are also available for Private cruises


Leemstar Private cruise  (At least 90 minutes recommended)

The other option is to do a “Private cruise.

It’s the same setup as a shared cruise but then no others are joining. These cruises take place on the 1928 Amsterdam Saloon launch boat or the Modern Open Amsterdam Boat. Or the 1921 Amsterdam Saloon Launch Boat Starlet.

Prices €225,- and up for 60 minutes! The final price depends on the amount of people you bring on the boat and the time you want to cruise. So please contact us for an exact offer.

One hour private is also possible, but we do recommend at least 90 minutes for an enjoyable cruise without any rush.

Same upgrades apply as for the Shared cruises. Click here to go to the bookings page!


Leemstar Open boat Private Cruise  (At least 90 minutes recommended)

Leemstar Convertible Sloop Closed

Perfect on warmer days. Live guided by the captain.

Get a bite during the cruise! Enjoy the fun!

Prices €225,- and up for 60 minutes!  The final price depends on the amount of people you bring on the boat and the time you want to cruise. So please contact us for an exact offer.

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We also have cruises for special occasions

Lovebirds cruise

If you’re a Lovebird this is the way to go. Have a look at our “1921 Amsterdam Saloon Launch Boat Starlet.” or the Modern Open Amsterdam Boat.

Enjoy this 1921 classic for 90 minutes for the special price of €285,- (2 Lovebirds) to celebrate your love for each other.

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Schermafbeelding 2019-02-02 om 11.15.01

1921 Amsterdam Saloon Launch Boat Starlet Private cruise 90 minutes

Experience a private cruise on this beauty. A lot of heads will turn while you’re on the boat. Pictures will be taken since it such a pretty boat.

Come with max 6 guests and enjoy included a bottle of Prosecco during the cruise. Enjoy the scenery the best possible way!

Price €350,- including a bottle of Prosecco. Click here to go to the bookings page!


1921 Amsterdam Saloon Launch Boat Starlet

Proposal cruise

Willing to take the next step in a appropriate way?

Then book the Proposal cruise! You will get the Starlet Saloonboat or Modern Open Amsterdam Boat for 90 minutes. A bottle of Prosecco (upgrade to champagne possible), background music and a photographing captain to capture the moment. The captain will guide you within 30 minutes to the perfect spot where you can enjoy this special moment. Then the cruise continue’s for about an hour while you’re enjoying your drinks & scenery!

Price for all this €399,- all inclusive. Click here to go to the bookings page!

Design your own cruise. Tailor made!

Please call me directly on +316 166 166 90 so we can make it happen! Or Click here to go to the bookings page!


Have a look at our boats below!


Schermafbeelding 2019-02-02 om 11.15.52
Leemstar 1928 Saloon Lauch Boat during a cruise


Leemstar Convertible Sloop Closed
Leemstar Open Boat Cooper with rain cover up
Leemstar 1921 Saloon Launch Boat Starlet



Departing location

All Leemstar cruises depart from the pier Prinsengracht 579. Next the Andaz Hotel located at Prinsengracht 587 (Jordaan district / 9 streets area near Leidsestraat). 

Click here or the picture to find your way using Google maps..
Welcome at Leemstar Amsterdam, for personal canal cruises. Leemstar provides in personal guided small boat canal tours. - foto 4
Canal cruise pick-up location Prinsengracht

At the Andaz Hotel. Also near the Pulitzer and Dylan Hotel.

Welcome at Leemstar Amsterdam, for personal canal cruises. Leemstar provides in personal guided small boat canal tours. - foto 2
Leemstar Amsterdam, personal canal cruises on the Amstel river with in the distance the “Skinny Bridge”.

Avoid the crowd and enjoy the canals in a special way…Cruise with Leemst✰r and have an memorable time! 

Please fill in the booking form or call or text to +316 166 166 90.