Welcome at Leemstar Amsterdam. Leemstar provides in personal canal cruises in a small setting.

If you want to avoid the big boats, spend more time on the canals and are looking for a more personal canal cruise in a small setting.. Come and cruise with Leemstar!

During our cruise you will see more then just the city centre canals.. This cruise varies in classic and more modern parts of the city and shows a bit of the recent developments in Amsterdam. The cruise is on a privately owned 90 year old Dutch Saloon boat with a silent electric engine which can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests. It’s always driven by the owner (or a local) who guides you in dialogue through the city canals and neighbourhoods. Of course the skipper also knows all other kinds of information about the city. So please ask anything you would like to know and experience (due the small setting) a much more personal and informative canal cruise then the regular ones. Avoid the crowd! Cruise with a local and enjoy the canals in a special and memorable way. Cruise with Leemstar!


Amsterdam salonboot te huur
Leemstar ready for the season! Coming back from maintenance this winter.. Little bit of snow on deck.


If you want to experience a cruise with Leemstar then please make a choice between a ‘private’  or a ‘Hop on’ cruise:


‘Private’ cruises

The first option you have at Leemstar is to rent the Saloon boat for a private (group) cruise. So if you’re with family, friends or just the two of you this enables you to enjoy a cruise in a private setting with personal guidance of the skipper! Bring along some food and drinks and make yourself at home! Or let us arrange it! I can assure you that a private cruise is a wonderful experience! 80% of our cruises are done in a private setting. Hotel or nearby pick up possible..


Private Canal cruise on Amstel river Amsterdam


Private cruises start at a rate of € 160,- per hour (All depending on time, duration and # of people) and can be done at any time between 9 am and 22 pm. As said you’re welcome to bring your own F&B. But if you would like us to arrange a breakfast/lunch/dinner or something else on board, no problem, don’t hesitate to ask! Please contact us for further information, reservation or last minute options.  Please fill in the form or call or text to +316 166 166 90.

Make your (group) trip to Amsterdam complete with a private Leemstar cruise!

Leemstar is looking forward to welcome you on board!



‘Hop on’ cruise

‘Hop on’ cruises take at 75 minutes and have a maximum 12 people on board! With this cruise you will join other travellers. You’re welcome to bring your own F&B but you can also order on board. You need to make a reservation by filling in the form. You can also call or text message to +316 166 166 90 to join this cruise..

The ‘Hop on’ cruises take place on:

  • Mondays at 9:30 & 1900
  • Tuesdays at 19:00
  • Wednesdays at 13:30 & 19:00
  • Thursdays 9:30 & 16:00
  • Fridays at 19:00
  • Saturdays please make a request by filling in the form
  • Sundays please make a request by filling in the form
Please take into account that in the morning and evening there’s less traffic on the water which makes the cruise more relaxing. Please contact me if one of the above options does not suit you. Sometimes there are more cruises..


‘Hop on’ cruises (75min) are € 40,- p/p. 


 Reservations can be made by filling in the form. Or call me or send a text message at +316 166 166 90.


Amstel river with in the distance the “Skinny Bridge”


Departing location

All cruises depart from the pier next the Andaz Hotel, Prinsengracht 587 (Jordaan / 9 streets area near Leidsestraat). Other locations are possible upon request..


Leemstar Canal Tour depature location
Click the map to find your way using Google maps..



Avoid the crowd and enjoy the canals in a special way… Cruise with Leemst✰r and have an memorable time!

Click here if you want to experience a “on board” one minute Leemstar cruise with 360 view!